A Midlife, Menopausal Mom Seeks Medicine in Magic Mushrooms

Treasure Beach, Jamaica, home to MycoMeditations, a psilocybin-assisted retreat. (Photo by Lizbeth Finn-Arnold)

There was a moment at the airport as I waited for my flight to Jamaica that I wondered have I lost my freaking mind?

I was riding solo this trip, reeling from an unholy midlife trinity: menopause, empty nest, and…

In movies, the villain is a big, bad meanie with a badass name. In real life, your biggest foe is often a frightened, wounded, inner child who learned to protect herself by any means possible.

Photo by Lizzie Finn

“Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires them for protection. That’s why healthy relationships are difficult for wounded people.” (Ryan North, wordables)

Whether in my work (teaching screenwriting) or personal life, I find myself talking a lot about trauma and childhood wounds.

Most scripted, fictional characters aren't just…

We can’t truly appreciate all we have unless we’ve experienced some degree of suffering, loss, or unease.

Photo by Lizzie Finn

The reason I SURVIVED a debilitating chronic illness? PERSISTENCE. Giving up during the battle was never an option.

The reason I THRIVED despite chronic illness? Ironically, I learned to throw my hands up in SURRENDER.

I had to let go of the life I once had so I could grow…

We've instilled fear in women (especially single women) to keep them limited out in the world while ignoring (or downplaying) the actual dangers at home.

Photo by Lizzie Finn

This past fall, I remained single and spent most of my free time doing what I love best — taking long walks in the woods and at the beach.

It was often just my puppy and me getting our 10,000 steps while enjoying the explosion of autumnal oranges and yellows…

We must feed ourselves, not the negative thoughts that permeate our mind gardens

Monet’s Garden / Photo by Lizzie Finn

I love gardens full of flowers, fruits, or vegetables. But like most people, I can sometimes miss the beauty of my garden if I only focus on the pesky weeds that seem to torture me with their mere presence.

Weeds, I discovered, aren’t just invaders in my garden. Sometimes weeds…

How do you love and embrace the spookiness of Halloween when death is too real?

Paris Catacombs (October 2017) /Photo by Lizzie Finn

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. It wasn’t just about getting candy. I liked being someone else, if only for a day.

When my kids were young, they picked out over-priced princess or power-ranger costumes at pop-up Halloween shops. But in our family, we pieced together our own costumes.

The happiest women are single and child-free, so where does that leave men?

Photo by Lizzie Finn

I always thought by modeling emotional caretaking and nurturing for my husband, eventually, he would return the favor.

We were together for 32 years. But I could not undo his programming from early childhood. I believe he tried to be a good husband and father (and often he succeeded), but…

Neither of us died, and yet I’m still grieving a devastating loss two years after the unexpected and tragic end of my long-term marriage

Photo by Lizzie Finn / July 9, 1994

When I look at the photo above, I don’t see a woman — I see a girl. She’s only 26, four years out of college, having worked only one real job in her life, and marrying the only boy she’s ever dated.

Even though it’s been ten years since her…

Lizzie Finn

I write, create, instruct. My curiosity is expansive — health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, TV/film, psychedelics, feminism, neuroscience, life.

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