For me, as a white women, I guess I am focusing on my own bubble, so to speak. These are the people I see responding online in ways that make me upset. These are my cousins, my friends, my colleagues. I wish they would just be silent and listen for a change, rather than share memes from a racist site, that features the what appears to be the innocuous opinion that 'not all white people are bad, oh and by the way black people are not saints.' They constantly try to return the narrative to one that lets white people off the hook, and sweeps racism under the rug. There are a lot of discussion to be had. And I am starting with the people I know. Who I believe would say they aren't racist, yet keep sharing racist memes.

I write, create, instruct. My curiosity is expansive — health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, TV/film, psychedelics, feminism, neuroscience, life.

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