My Ugly Response to the Beautiful Blonde

Blonde is an ugly movie that aims for art as it debases Marilyn Monroe and strips her of dignity and her voice.

Lizzie Finn
2 min readOct 3, 2022


George Barris’s last photo of Marilyn Monroe, taken on Santa Monica beach on July 13, 1962.

Dear Male Directors,

Female trauma is not art.






Domestic Violence.

Non-consensual Sex.

Child Abuse.


These are not metaphors or allegories. Or beautifully rendered hallucinations or fantasies.

Violence against women and hatred of their bodies leave festering wounds that haunt women who are otherwise brilliant, beautiful, strong, resilient, and kickass.

This is not your pain or experience, so you don’t get to use it to further your art.

Stop using female pain to titillate, shock, exploit, or get your pretentious rocks off.

We get it. You love your beautiful, backlit B&W depictions of something disgusting, ugly, and dark.

But PLEASE stop.



You don’t understand any of it or how triggering it is. You are clumsy and ostentatious and also ridiculous with your talking fetuses.

Your male privilege is showing.

Must be nice to live in your world where you are free to carelessly use abortion as a metaphor for rape, not recognizing how abortion is a life-saving medical procedure for many women — especially the brutalized ones.

You also don’t understand how dangerous it is (in our world where women’s reproductive rights are being denied) to give voice on film to a clump of fetal cells — but not a fully-grown woman!!

Poor Marilyn. You stripped her in every way and debased and infantilized her.

For what? This worthless, repetitive, dull film?

It is all style over substance. An exercise of male ego (technically and coldly proficient) without any feminine heart.



Lizzie Finn

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