This is My Fight Song

A Manifesto of Resistance

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Women’s March — Trenton, NJ Photo by Lizbeth Finn-Arnold

The first week of Trump’s presidency has been disastrous. At least for anyone with a progressive or liberal-leaning or cares about things like democracy for all.

Sadly, things are bad and they are going to get a lot worse. The Republicans are giddy with power at the moment, too short-sighted to realize these slash and burn tea-party antics are eventually going to trickle back to them(at least if they reside in the lower-income scale) and undermine our democracy (and this affects them too). They have given the keys to the kingdom to a certifiable crazy person, who isn’t likely to let his power be reined in any time soon.

Still, all is not bleak. I try to remember-- we just saw the largest protest in US history when marchers from across the country and around the globe took to the streets the day after the inauguration to soundly reject Trump and his policies of hate and division, and to proclaim: WE WILL NOT GO BACK.

The conservatives can mock us with body-shaming memes and archaic sexist tweets, but truth is the Women’s March was a massive display of unity, solidarity, power, and yes, LOVE. The more they mock and belittle, the more we know we’ve gotten under their very thin skins. We may not have shattered the glass ceiling in this election, but the patriarchy is looking a bit shaken, and extremely dated. We think it’s time to turn off the life-support on these dangerous misogynist beliefs.

Meanwhile, women and their allies aren’t the only ones mad as hell. Reportedly, the White House is leaking like crazy. NASA and the National Parks twitter accounts are going rogue. Scientists are hitting back and getting political. The tree huggers aren’t going down without a fight. The LGBTQ community is planning its own massive demonstration. Local, state and national action groups are popping up everywhere. And people are rising up and committing to daily actions every single day by calling or tweeting their elected officials. It’s game on.


I think it's obvious Trump is basically being led on a leash by Steve Bannon, a white-supremacist, intent on spreading the populist message of “America First” and dividing us through hate, fear, fake news and false conspiracy theories. Bannon has created this obscene notion that America is a rat-infested sewer, full of nonstop carnage, that needs saving by god-loving, gun-toting, neo-Nazis. It would be laughable if so many good, hard-working Americans weren’t so easy to manipulate with catchphrases and slogans. Unfortunately, fearful people are easy to con and manipulate. Hitler and his henchmen knew that all too well when they spread their own populist messages that eventually lead to neighbors turning on neighbors and full-blown genocide.

Right now Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are allowing this alt-right rhetoric because they think they've won with their president quickly rubber-stamping whatever executive order they place in front of him. And let's face it, they are politicians who answer to special interest groups rather than their constituencies. Too bad, they don't realize they have to spend the next four years collaborating with a narcissist and his alt-right right-hand man. How long before these parties begin fighting from within for power and control?

Yeah, things are really bad. But this is how I try to stay positive — I remember, it's not so easy to fool and manipulate an entire population, because 1) we are diverse in thought, ideology, and heritage and 2)we've seen this tyrannical playbook before, and we know how this ends. 3)We also know we have to resist early and often, and not allow this kind of authoritarian rule to be normalized or accepted.


This is our country. Trump and Congress work for us, not Exxon or Goldman Sachs, or the alt-right, or Putin. And we'll still be here when Trump is long gone, probably running from prosecution by hiding out in Russia or working as a commentator for FoxNews in the Sexual Assailants Division.

Jokes aside, it's going to be a hard and arduous fight. But as long as we are here and can think for ourselves, we are not going to let Trump destroy everything we hold dear.

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I write, create, instruct. My curiosity is expansive — health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, TV/film, psychedelics, feminism, neuroscience, life.

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