The Times They Are A-Changin’

And the future looks like Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

During the current Senate Intel Committee hearings, we’ve seen freshman Senator Kamala Harris interrupted and reprimanded twice by male senators for her prosecutorial style of questioning. Is Kamala aggressive and formidable? You betcha. Would she be reprimanded if she were an old white dude? Highly unlikely.

This is where we are in 2017 in America. A woman can’t win the presidency, yet she can still serve in the Senate. But the moment she crosses a line, she will be pushed back. Again. And again. And again. In not so many words, she will be told to “know her place.”

The good news about these turbulent times is that we are seeing villains and heroes arise daily. The masks are coming off. And it is easy to see who is fighting for ALL OF US, and who is fighting for themselves. And the old timers, those who’ve held power for centuries because of their family name, their network, their money, their color, their gender, and their privilege — should be very afraid:

Kamala Harris is our future.

John McCain is our past.

SHE is a strong, smart, passionate, eloquent, experienced, formidable, powerful, beautiful role model for little girls AND little boys everywhere. It is easy to be passionate when you speak about things you care about.

HE is a disappointing old man who is no longer a voice of reason, restraint, or moderation. It’s difficult to be convincing when you are tasked with defending odious beliefs and repulsive people.

When Trump high-jacked the Republican party, the moderate Republicans stood back and let him trample on their beliefs and turn the party into one of hate, paranoia, intolerance, and exclusion. Turning a blind-eye to ineptness and crassness is one thing. But Trump is a real threat to our democracy because he is a petty and vengeful narcissist in seek of total and complete power — and his party refuses to restrain him or push back against his more disturbing attributes or decrees. Instead, they swallow their pride, and defend his actions and distract with more talking points.

Worse of all, Republicans fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the Russians hacking the 2016 election. This interference into our free elections by a hostile foreign power is unmistakably AN ACT OF WAR.

So, I no longer admire any Republican leader that tolerates Trump. I salute McCain’s past heroism, but WE NEED HEROES RIGHT NOW!! We need people willing to speak up against a rogue administration that seeks to divide us and take away our freedoms.

Kamala Harris IS THAT HERO. She is Wonder Woman. She speaks for all of us who are fed up by lying, denying, deceitful old white men who can’t speak their minds freely or truthfully because of the debt they owe to the money that put them in power.

So keep speaking up, Kamala. And put those old white dudes in their place. The more you speak up, the more they will try to silence you. It’s what they do. And now the world sees it. The way they treat you on TV in front of the world is the same way they treat us in boardrooms, and offices, and in private or in public — and anywhere else where they think they can bully us into silence and submission.


What does a hero look like in 2017?

It looks like Wonder Woman.

It looks like Kamal Harris.



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Lizzie Finn

Lizzie Finn


I write, create, instruct. My curiosity is expansive — health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, TV/film, psychedelics, feminism, neuroscience, life.